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“We promise to keep our values which has been created by reviewing our founding story and corporate culture.”


We Touch Lives
In the fire, where even seconds are very important, our most important motivation is that our vehicles will work flawlessly and reconnect people to life. 

We Protect Our Values
We act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships and comply with the laws and moral rules. We respect the rights of all our stakeholders and act ethically.. 

We Have Sense of Belonging
We adopt the goals and make sacrifices to reach the goals. We feel the desire to remain a member of this family.. 

We’re Courageous
We make our dreams come true. We owe our innovative design and production capability to our courage with the experience, dedication and support of our highly qualified personnel. 

We Solve Problems
We finish the job we started, we solve every problem. In case of problems, we act quickly by consulting with team spirit. We approach all of our stakeholders in a solution-oriented manner with the motto “We know your feelings at the moment of danger”. 

We’re Confident
We combine our experience since 1974 with engineering and craftsmanship. We produce technology that is not produced in the country. We have strong equities.. 

We’re Innovator
We produce the things which they have not been produced both in the world and in our country yet with our R&D center and trained staff. We follow scientific and technological developments in the world..