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Chairman’s Message


The first most significant discovery is the discovery of light; and internet is the second. Those two important discoveries have led the humankind to enlightenment. While science and technology progresses with a dizzying speed…

I established Volkan İtfaiye Sanayi in 1974 and started manufacturing firefighting vehicles which were remembered only in case of fires; and devoted myself to this business. You cannot specialize in a business unless you work as an apprentice within that field. I tried to learn how firefighters feel by joining İzmir Firefighting Team in 1978 as a volunteer firefighter during night time.

Volkan, which once was commenced at a small workshop, nowadays is a leading company which establishes the firsts with its 3000-member staff performing their jobs on a 135.000 m² plant. Volkan keeps its effort on progress for participating in the global market by conducting exports to approximately 40 countries: from Thailand to Russia, from Israel to India. I had the chance to walk around some of the firefighting museums all around the world. It is a clear fact that there has been a giant improvement from fire brigades to today’s firefighting pumps and accessories; but the sector does not develop as fast as other sectors due to the fact that it is not that much in the public eye.

Volkan manufactures its own hydraulic aerial ladder equipped firefighting vehicles, platforms and the water pumps which are the hearts of firefighting vehicles. While manufacturing those, we are aware that the biggest fires start with small sparks and even seconds mean a lot while fighting at those fires. The products that we manufacture are designed and manufactured by keeping this in mind. Our principle is to fight fires with less water and foam without polluting the environment.

Founder and Chairman