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Airport Vehicles

Brave protector,”LION” intervenes instantly with superior performance at the airport!

The LION Class ARFF vehicles are designed for the requirements of civil airports and air forces in large stations. The vehicles are produced on different chassis with 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 axle configuration. Lightweight composite material and polypropylene tanks reduce the net weight to the minimum and maximizes the speed of intervention. Lion 8×8 version has dual engine feature. The Lion steerable rear axle can be configured for special requirements such as different wheel sizes, ABS, centralized tire inflation system, centralized lubrication system, case data logger and head up displays. All LION Class vehicles are equipped with proven VOLKAN components in the field: VFPN1000 Fİre Pump with WG9000 SEFD roof turret and 110 meter range is the heart of tremendous fire fighting power.

The number of airports are increasing rapidly because airways are a preferred way of transportation. Lion designed for all the risk in the airports, its flawless workmanship and innovative product specifications. With a lightweight, aerodynamic superstucture of composite alloy, and a double engine with 1540 HP power, LION is accessed within seconds with a firepower of 17,000 liters of water per minute without fear.

VOLKAN LION Class ARFF vehicles are designed and manufactured by VOLKAN totally from chassis to all superstructure components. LION is an ARFF vehicle with special purposed chassis and high power engine and fire extinguishing components to let users high amount of water, foam and DCP when needed.

The vehicle has the technical characteristics of an airport fire fighting vehicle, designed for fire fighting and rescue in case of aviation accidents.

Lion Class
LION hearted!
‘’LION’’, the fearless and brave guardian of airports was designed for the most dangerous situations which require rapid response. Nowadays the number of airports raise rapidly because the travelling habits has changed. The risk is increasing as…

Rescue Stairs
An Engineering Marvel
It is not difficult to understand the feelings of passengers in an unexpected landing. Everybody clings to their loved ones and their beliefs; waits for a miracle...

Lynx Class ARFF
Durable & Strong
Durable & Strong Lynx is designed to be used to compromise medium-sized central firefighting performance. 4×4 and 6×6 versions can sit on chassis that are available on the market.

Cheetah Class Rapid Intervention Vehicle 4X4
Cheetah is on the watch with Volkan quality and with perfect harmony of its components.