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It is good to be able to say
“We can do it”

Volkan, which was founded by İsa Tecim in 1974 in order to manufacture firefighting vehicles has started its production process with an 8 populated staff within an area of 50 m².

The adventure of Volkan based on the motto “we know how you feel at the moment of danger”. Volkan efforts to save lives without having financial expectations force it to progress each time and does what is required to do. Volkan has started manufacturing its own fire pump in 1978.

Volkan has manufactured the first vehicle with a hydraulic aerial ladder of 18 meter and since than the vehicle is still being used, it creates the impression that it shall continue to lead the innovators. Later it manufactured the first aircraft firefighting vehicle in Turkey and the first modular firefighting vehicle in 1992. In 1993, İsa Tecim said that “Volkan is going to be a global brand name and no one apart from God can stop that” and forecasted nowadays. Volkan received its first export order by participating in Interschutz in the year 2000, which is the biggest fair all over the world concerning firefighting and fire safety, and  proved its power and quality within the market.

And nowadays; Volkan conducts its production processes with its 300 populated staff on a 200.000 m² plant. 25.000 m² of the plant constitutes of closed area by making use of all of the opportunities of production technologies in Yazıbaşı, Torbalı, İzmir.

Volkan, being known as a reliable and leading producer of fire pumps and firefighting vehicles both within domestic borders and overseas within the sector. Volkan offers smart solutions since the year 1974 with its innovative production systems which constantly aims one step further and never sacrifices from quality. Volkan’s production  techniques provides the adaptation of ultimate technology into production and an understanding based on unconditional customer satisfaction. Volkan adopts punctiliousness, creativity and innovativeness as principles during every phase starting from the design up to the after-sale services. Volkan provides a working atmosphere which is sensitive against the environment, pays attention to employing new-graduates and establishing business affairs with leading suppliers within its sector.

Volkan has the power for production with its CAD-CAM supported production techniques, model and molding room, aluminium and bronze foundries working with the latest technology, modern hard anodizing unit, pump test unit in accordance with EN1028-2 norms with a complete computer system, complex carcass installation and welding apparatus. Above all Volkan has the the advantages of being in the heart of an industrial region which provides the necessary power for production.

Volkan is among the few companies in the world by designing and manufacturing ARFF vehicles according to ICAO and NFPA standards. Also, Volkan manufactures turntable ladders up to 60 meters for rescue and fire fighting operations of high-rise buildings.

In order to preserve the right to live and to create healthy solutions, as Volkan, we are offering essential firefighting equipments to the firefighters all over the world with the most reliable techniques and an experienced team.

We are inviting you to take a stand on the side of the world’s shining star in firefighting industry which creates difference in firefighting technologies.