Rural & Off- Road Vehicles

Does not respect any obstacles!!!

Steep and rugged land, unexpected fires, excessive wind, formidable natural conditions…
None of obstacles can stop us.

Forests are oxygen factories. Due to global warming and climate change, frequency and effect of forest fires increase day by day.

Volkan Rural & Land Fire Extinguishing Vehicles were produced by considering all hardware and technology necessary to respond forest fires immediately and to minimize the risks which can arise during forest fires.
Volkan Rural & Land Fire Extinguishing Vehicles which can pump water without power loss on the move and can perform duties with its upper structure and chassis design at rugged lands are able to respond fires immediately even with most formidable conditions.



•    Superstructure system suitable with Off-Road Conditions and normal roads,
•    Being able to operate at high altitude conditions and being able to adapt low attitude places,
•    Ability of climbing upwards or moving downwards up to 60 degrees,
•    4x4 or 6x6 wheel drive system,
•    Available water tank with a capacity up to 4000 lt in 4x4 vehicles
•    Available water tank  with a capacity up to 12000 lt at 6x6 vehicles,
•    Removable foam tank with a capacity of up to 400 lt,
•    Centrifuge pump with a capacity of  3000 lt per minute with normal pressure; and 250-400 lt per minute with high pressure of 40 bars,
•    WG 3000 SE Monitor / 10 bar - 3000 lt/min
•    Available usage of centrifuge pump while the vehicle is moving,
•    Sub nozzles and cabin protection nozzles for possible fires,
•    Emergency Reel for hoses with the length of 45 and 90 meters,
•    Usage of Potable Water Tank for places where there is no water available,
•    Bumper Crane with a capacity up to 5400 kg.