Safety and quick operations

Ladder trucks are designed for light weight and compact as possible for ease of maneuvering in narrow streets and rough roadst. The superstructure is designed to be light but robust to cope with the adversities during firefighting and rescue operations.

Three simultaneous safety and quick operations of Ladder movements Elevation, Rotation, Extension are available to the speed regulators and inter-lock systems, which are controlled by mobile grade micro-computer with industries new safety approach.
Sufficient number of equipment compartments with enough room for storing necessary rescue equipment and ancillaries are provided. These compartments are easy-to-use and the contents are easy-to-access.
Intelligent Oscillation damping system ensure that Volkan Ladders are stable andvirtually Oscillation-free even in strong wind and rapid approaches to the rescue position is possible.

Fully automatic turntable ladders with combined movement according to EN 14043. Load-sensing hydraulic system and intelligent control and monitoring technology. Ladders are available with 32, 42 and 55 meters reach and articulated technology.