Service Form
Urban Type
Always ready for missions!
It is the biggest supporter of firefighters with its power, speed and maneuverability! Firefighters are struggling in many areas, especially in urban and rural areas, fighting fire, rescue operations, forest fires in industrial complexes and...
M 55 & M 55 A
Always, higher! With Volkan Ladder Series Vehicles that reach up to 60 meters in height, we are carrying your expectations higher... The increase on the heights of buildings in downtowns also increases the needs and expectations of city...
Airport Vehicles
LION hearted!
LION Hearted! Brave protector,"LION" intervenes instantly with superior performance at the airport! The LION Class ARFF vehicles are designed for the requirements of civik airports and air forces in large stations. The vehicles are produced on...
Rural & Off- Road Vehicles
We are always eith firefighters, even in the most difficult conditions!
Volkan Rural and Off-Road Vehicles are always with you in the most challenging areas, on step and slopes, between huge flames, in the most difficult nature conditions! Sometimes, it is possible to control forest fires that emerges naturally or...
Industrial Vehicle
Engineering Marvel
A Marvel of Enginnering for Industrial Zones! The catastrophes that can occur in industrial areas can be prevented with great thought! "Prevention" and "protection" are very important to survive for the industrial zones which is the heart of...