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Volkan Component Group, which is designed ingeniously from ali to the smallest detail, makes impossible solutions possible!

All of the products produced by Volkan with over 40 years of  experience  have  been  designed  for  a  purpose from the tiniest to  the  biggest.  Volkan  Components  work with  perfect  fit  with  all  other  equipments  and  they  show the difference with their high performance!

Volkan Component Group, which consists of pump, monitor, hose reel, dry chemical powder and CAFS system, shines out with the functionality of each pieces. Products prepared    in    accordance     with     international standards and cover the expectations of professionals.

Volkan Component Group, which makes firefighting technologies different, works in perfect harmony with all other equipment.


Volkan Centrifuge Pumps, VFPN 1000, VFPN H-600, VFPN H-300 5S (5 KADEMELİ), Pump Curves

Light metal body
Electric drive Volkan Monitors are used all over the world in every kind of vehicle: aircraft firefighters, industrial or municipality vehicles. Volkan monitors are designed for maximum range of throw and for the best foam qualifications; they can...
Gun system with couplings