Urban Type

Always ready for missions!

The cherry of heroes’ cheeks because of its strong, fast and high manoeuvre capacity!

Narrow streets, vehicles that are parked in a wrong way, traffic rushes are the nightmares of urban firefighters.

All of these aspects which constitute obstacles for reaching the scene of fire increase the stress for the fire warriors for whom even seconds matter. Volkan Urban Type Firefighting Vehicles are designed by spending long-standing efforts and serious collaborations with urban firefighters. Volkan Urban Type Firefighting Vehicles which are integrated every kind of equipments that are needed by the professionals; and which are optimised in order to be able to reach the scene of fire at least possible time with its strong, fast and high manoeuvre capacity are irreplaceable for urban firefighters with its functionality, technology and design.

•    Ability to intervene fires at narrow places (streets) within cities,
•    Conducting irrigation operations via Road Irrigation Systems,
•    Water tank  with a capacity up to 6000 lt,
•    Optional hidden water tank with a capacity up to 3000 lt,
•    Centrifuge pump with a capacity of  3000 lt per minute with normal pressure; and 250-400 lt per minute with high pressure of 40 bars,
•    Foam tank with a capacity of up to 600 lt,
•    Roof Monitor WG 2000 SE: 2000lt water and foam per minute,
•    Optional Manual Roof monitor WG 2400 VM,
•    Single cabin or optional double cabin with a capacity of up to 1+6 individuals,
•    Effective firefighting by using less firefighting liquids via CAF System,
•    Emergency Reel for hoses with the length of 45 and 90 meters,
•    Optional bumper monitor,
•    Hidden Tank or independent removable modular superstructure ,
•    Optional certain hydraulic equipments, led inner lighting for the cupboards,
•    Optional KKT System determined in accordance with the weight of the vehicle with maximum load,
•    Superstructure with flexible connections, optional multi-function enlightenment tower.