Urban Type

Small on the outside, a giant fighter on the inside...

Midilli is specially designed by Volkan Research and Development Center for Fire Fighting Stations that challenge with transportation difficulties resulting from old settlements, traffic and urbanization. Midilli, which fulfils all necessities for first interventions, provides effective firefighting opportunities via its V-CAFS technology. Besides its rescue-related equipments and devices, it also covers the requirements of a vehicle that acts as the first intervener during rescue operations such as traffic accidents rescue operations, after-disaster rescue operations.

Technical Characteristics

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 6S15, 4x2 Chassis

2500 mm wheelbase

110 KW (150 Ps), 370 Nm engine power

Manuel, 5 forward + 1 rear transmission

Single cabin, 1 + 2 cabin integrated

Weight: 5300 kg (Weight with full load) 

Dimensions: 1700 x 4800 x 2100 mm 

Superstructure Characteristics

Rear and front Equipment cabinets integrated on the water tank block by using screws or the by bonding aluminium plates, aluminium shutter lids

Water tank with a capacity of 1500 Lt

Foam tank with a capacity of 40 Lt, CPT

Hydrostatic driven pump, VFPN 75 - 750 l/minutes 8 bar

3 x C Type water outlet and 3 x C Type CAFS outlet; 1 x B type pump inlet; water and CAFS outlets, one for each 

1” x 30 m, electrical type reel, 1 x 20 m hydraulic system manual type reel

Vehicle rear cam

Remote control pump and CAFS system control capacity

6 x LED environmental lighting


  • 2000 l/Minutes, 1 hydrostatic system driven submersible pump
  • 1 x benzene driven saw machine
  • 1 fireman’s axe (90 cm),
  • 3 x fireman’s belt axe (30 cm),
  • Miscellaneous rescue equipments,
  • Telescopic, portable ladder (3.80 m),
  • Firefighting hoses and nozzles,
  • Portable lighting tripods,