Industrial Zone Vehicles

Engineering Marvel

Vehicle with roof monitor with capacity of 15000 liters, which is designed in accordance with the new generation industrial zones of Volkan, is a prominent engineering marvel.

  • Capacity that will carry with all of the equipment including 5+1 breathing apparatus,
  • Integrated control console which is used to follow and control fire systems of cab internal, capacities of  water and foam tanks, lightening of vehicle circle, 
  • 425 kW (580 horse power) V8 engine, 
  • Foam tank with capacity of 4000 lt. water and 7000 lt. foam,
  • At least 10000 liters of water processing in a minute and at least 1700 liters of foam processing rate in a minute with Poseidon WFPS 1000 water-foam processing system, which is completely designed by Volkan,
  • Capacity of preparation of foam solution up to 10% from all outputs including foam pump roof monitor and emergency response reels, 
  • Foam proportioning from roof monitors and emergency response reels separately with Foam Proportioning System, 
  • Fire exits in 10 pieces totally as 4 each of  2 ½” on left and right and 1 each of 6” and 1 piece of 6” in the rear side of the vehicle 
  • 1 each of emergency response reel in 30 meters in right and left sides of pump module,
  • Roof monitor with capacity of 15000 Ipm designed by Volkan,
  • Monitor controlled electrohydraulically, which has vertical movement between 0° and 75° and ±180° horizontal rotation
  • Monitor nozzle used in intermediate positions, whose monitor jet, mist positions are predefined, 
  • Monitor with automatic flow rate which can make proportioning up to 4% and which can make foam absorption from external source, 
  • Dry chemical powder unit with capacity of 500 lt. positioned on front module, 
  • Carbondioxide unit with capacity of 240 kg with 30 m. intervention reel,
  • 30 m. intervention reel,
  • Hose compartments that will carry 20 pieces of 2 ½” fire hoses in 30 meters, 10 pieces of 6” fire hoses in 10 meters, 4 each of 6” hard and soft suction hose,
  • 4 pieces of foam pipes and 4 pieces of movable monitor with various equipment to be used on extinguishing fires at industrial zones, 
  • Lightening tower in power of 350 Watt that can rise for 3 meters from the roof of the vehicle, that can scan an area in 360 degrees vertically up to 90°, that can change the focus from -5° to -35°.