Airport Vehicles

Get rid of every danger without hesitation!

Enables life at preparation operations carried out before emergency landing.

During an unexpected landing, it is not difficult to understand the feelings of the passengers. Everybody relies on their beloved ones and their faith and they all wait for a miracle.

Volkan Field Foaming Vehicle is designed to prevent possible fires arising from friction during emergency landings for airport firefighting stations by considering passenger safety and at the same time it is designed to carry out cooling and extinguishing operations. Volkan that created a bran-new product with its ageless service understanding and quality gathered all the necessities of airport field response crew whose responsibility increases with every passing second during such possible operations in this vehicle.


 •   The tow truck has 6x4 driving configuration,
•    Has a structure integrated over CAN-BUS system,
•    Water and foam tank with elliptical structure from AISI 304 Ti Material,
•    Centrifuge pump that takes power from independent engine at the rear part,
•    Rear nozzles that can make field foaming,
•    Roof monitor for response from vehicle roof,
•    41500 lt of water tank capacity,
•    5000 lt of foam tank capacity,
•    13000 mm foaming apparatus width,
•    Volkan VFPN 600 - 6000 lt/mn @ 10 bar,
•    Volkan WG 6000 SE-PF  80 m water throw distance – 70 m foam throw distance,
•    Usage of all upper structure with remote control,
•    Front stabilizer legs,
•    Camera system
•    CAN-BUS system.