Airport Vehicles

LION hearted!

‘’LION’’, the fearless and brave guardian of airports was designed for the most dangerous situations which require rapid response.

Nowadays the number of airports raise rapidly because the travelling habits has changed. The risk is increasing as well. With the innovative product features and perfect craftsmanship Lion was designed by considering all of the risks which might occur on the airports. Lion which can reach to the fireplace within seconds with its light and aerodynamic upper structure, composite alloy and twin-engine with 1300 horse power can fearlessly overcome even the strongest fires with its fire pump that can run 12.000 litters of water per minute.


•    Engine power up to 1300 BG, 0-80 km/s, speed with twin engine technology: 21 sec. Max. Speed: 140 km/s,
•    Cabin and upper structure produced from composite material,
•    Cabin: ECE 29 coherent, capacity of 4 or 6 person, SCBA seats for crew, panoramic view, wide-angled glasses that provide vision, heated wind and front screens,
•    Polypropylene with flexible joint, water tank up to 16 000 lt and foam tank up to 2000 lt coupled with water tank,        
•    VFPN 1200 fire pump: 12000 lt/mn 10 bar water and foam pumping capacity, 500 kg dry chemical dust system: 30 m KKT with winding wheel, at the same time KKT output from the bumper monitor,
•    WG6000SE / FD Roof Monitor: 6000 lt/mn – 10 bar water, 270 degree to both right and left sides, -15, +70 degree range of up and down movement capacity, 96 meters of throw distance.
•    WG 2000 SE-P Tampon Monitor: 2200 lt/mn – 10 bar water, 10 kg/sec. KKT pumping capacity. 1800 to right and left with joystick control from the cabin, -15, +65 degree up and down movement availability,
•    Automatic sliding doors
•    Field foaming nozzles which also protects the vehicle (it is at the underside of the vehicle),
•    Electronic combination meter within the cabin which shows all functions of the car and its current capacity,
•    Automatically opened side cupboards




Rear twin engine power source, twin V8s which is present at Lion S models provides the adequate power for agile driving requirements within plane crash operations and it can skip to single engine mode for pump running up to 60 km/h (37mph).

It maintains the driving speed up to 15 km/h and the pumps with power divider at full capacity.