Ladder Set

The ladder set is designed in a way that it makes it possible to overcome extreme tasks which we face every day, it has a proven technology within the field and it is manufactured from the best steel moreover, it was exposed to sensitive welding treatment. When it is necessary to push the limits, the load sensors ensure the safe working conditions.


Advanced Rescue Basket

When seconds have critical importances, the advanced rescue basket is presented with two options with 300 kg and 400 kg, offering easy entry and exit opportunity with 3 doors as two of them are on the front and one is on the rear. The stretch-bearer is a standard accessory that makes it possible to save injured and disabled victims from120 kg to 220 kg and it is possible to connect it to right or left side of the basket. An integrated basket monitor is a standard for all Volkan Aerials; it provides external comfort under the intense fume thanks to its feature to provide fresh air that is enough for maximum 4 persons. Power source with 230/400 VAC provides the energy necessary for rescue devices and projectors. The folding basket waits in resting position when the elevation of the vehicle is reduced.



X-Type Lifting Jack

X-Type Lifting Jack: it provides easy manoeuvrability around the vehicle especially at side streets. It also offers option to lift the vehicles without obstacle and adaptability to different terrains. Various Lifting systems and individual visualization system ensure the stability; thanks to advanced load moment calculation software which is designed in accordance with the instructions of Volkan Aerial engineering team and ground pressure sensors, every millimetre increases the range of the reachable distance during the lifting process.


Elevator System

For M42 and M55 versions, in order to provide fast evacuation from the high-rise buildings elevator system can be optionally demanded. Elevator system working stage is at the angle of 40 degree ladder and against the potential of rope breakage, safety locks is available to ensure the security.