Excellence starts from the smallest part.

Volkan Component Group which is processed perfectly in details at every phase of production enables solutions which are thought to be impossible.

Perfect operation of a whole happens via perfect harmony of the components which constitute that whole.

Every product which barriers the logo of Volkan on itself is designed and produced at Volkan’s factory as a result of 40-year experience. All of the components that are processed with master hands, from the smallest part up to the biggest part, are made just for each other; and that is why the result is always excellent.

Volkan Component Group constitutes of fire pump, monıtor and emergency reel for intervening the fires. All of the components, %100 produced by Volkan with an understanding of perfect production are designed in such a way that they work in a perfect harmony with all of the other equipments.

Volkan Component Group that is produced in accordance with the expectations of professionals with their functionality and easy usage do have Certificates of Compliance with the related EN standards.