Volkan İtfaiye Met with Academicians at the 2. Science Council Meeting

The leader firm of the sector Volkan Itfaiye, has held 2. Science Council Meeting in Double Tree by Hilton which was organized for the first time in 2015. This year's theme of the Scientific Council, which brings together with well-known academicians from various universities in Turkey and the Volkan R&D team, was "Human".

The event, which made the university-industry business association more dynamic, started with the talk of Volkan Itfaiye General Manager Yaşar Tecim. Tecim remarked that Volkan Itfaiye gained power in the international area with its big experience from 1974 and rising R&D inverstments. In addition he said that “By following current developments, we will continue to make equipments in line with newborn needs and we will carry our country's name further”

The meeting, which held with the presentations of academicians, continued at Volkan Itfaiye’s production facility. After lunch at the facility, Volkan Production Facilities and Volkan R&D Center were visited.

The second day of the event began with speech of Founder of Volkan and Chairman of the Board İsa Tecim. Tecim underlined that Volkan Itfaiye is the 11th fastest growing company in Turkey with the self-abnegations from first day till today. In addition, he said that “In the future, we will carry our flag forward together with innovative approaches in the direction of the values we believe in.” The ongoing event with the workshop  ended with the academicians ideas about being a "competent person" and presenting solutions.