Volkan İtfaiye Met with Academicians at the 2. Science Council Meeting

The leader firm of the sector Volkan Itfaiye, has held 2. Science Council Meeting in Double Tree by Hilton which was organized for the first time in 2015. This year's theme of the Scientific Council, which brings together with well-known academicians from various universities in Turkey and the Volkan R&D team, was "Human".

The event, which made the university-industry business association more dynamic, started with the talk of Volkan Itfaiye General Manager Yaşar Tecim. Tecim remarked that Volkan Itfaiye gained power in the international area with its big experience from 1974 and rising R&D inverstments. In addition he said that “By following current developments, we will continue to make equipments in line with newborn needs and we will carry our country's name further”

The meeting, which held with the presentations of academicians, continued at Volkan Itfaiye’s production facility. After lunch at the facility, Volkan Production Facilities and Volkan R&D Center were visited.

The second day of the event began with speech of Founder of Volkan and Chairman of the Board İsa Tecim. Tecim underlined that Volkan Itfaiye is the 11th fastest growing company in Turkey with the self-abnegations from first day till today. In addition, he said that “In the future, we will carry our flag forward together with innovative approaches in the direction of the values we believe in.” The ongoing event with the workshop  ended with the academicians ideas about being a "competent person" and presenting solutions.

Volkan is the fastest growing 11. Company in Turkey!

The Union of chambers and commodity exchanges of Turkey specified ‘’Turkey's fastest growing 100 companies’’. TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, speaking at the awards ceremony of Turkey 100 competition which determines the fastest growing companies. The average growth rate of the 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey in 2012-2015 is 438%, according to contest results, “This is a terrific figure, 12 times higher than the national income increase in Turkey.”

Hisarcıklıoğlu pointed out that the competition aims to increase the number of entrepreneur role models: “Every company wants to be a model for new entrepreneurs. The listed companies are already doing it. Only 40 out of 100 companies in the list have supported their employees to set up their own businesses. There are 192 companies that are established and still in operation.”

Founder of Volkan and Chairman of the Board İsa Tecim was awarded by Hisarcıklıoglu. Tecim stated Volkan’s success story and he mentioned that Volkan have become 3rd biggest fire extinguishing vehicle producer in the World. Volkan’s new generation extinguisher components generated with %100 local technology and workforce, Airport vehicle Lion, highest reaching aerial vehicle in Turkey with 55m reach, rural -off-road and urban vehicles got full marks from the visitors. Volkan, which is the first of many since its inception; while Turkey's fastest growing company today also the fastest growing company in the city of Izmir, to be the pride of its own.

Volkan on the Big List

There is a list which is expounded by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry each year and this list about Turkey’s largest company. Approximately there are 250.000 companies in Turkey. In our country, just 1000 companies are the biggest ones in terms of turnover and Volkan ranked 886. Also, according to the list published by the Tax Department Izmir, Volkan was one of the top 100 companies in Izmir. General Manager of Volkan who is Yasar Tecim said that ‘’ We are proud of our contribution for Turkish economy. I am thankful to Volkan family because of their labour and I hope we have more important successes.

In tribute to the heroes…

As Volkan family, we celebrate Firefighting Week.

Giraffe’s Run 2016

400 elite guests from Turkey and more than 20 countries attended Volkan İtfaiye’s annual event Giraffe’s Run 2016. New generation fire extinguishing technologies were closely reviewed during 3 days event.

New generation technologies were introduced during the panel

Giraffe’s Run event started with a panel in Kuşadası. Volkan İtfaiye General Manager Yaşar Tecim, talked about their big investment on technology during his opening speech and how they get into top ranked players of the market with their new generation fire extinguishing vehicles which is developed in leading “Volkan R&D” deparment.


“The Force behind the heroes” themed brand new short film of Volkan İtfaiye was also premiered during the panel and received a big ovation from the viewers.

Turkey Firefighters Union Vice President Orhan Doğan, Former Head Officer of Liverpool Fire Deparment Anthony McGuirk and Former Head Officer of London Fire Department attended the panel as special guest speaker.

Volkan vehicles made an appearance at Selçuk Airport

Guests were hosted at Selçuk Airport during the second phase the event. Volkan İtfaiye’s new generation fire extinguishing vehicles put on a show on the airfield. Lion, tallest airplane fire extinguishing vehicle produced in Turkey with 55m ladder and 42 and 32 meters aerial versions, showed their skills on the runway.

Drift show with 6 tons of vehicle

Another first in Giraffe’s Run was the drift show with 6 tons of fire extinguishing vehicle. Advanced Driving Specialist Cankat Hurmoğlu kicked up the dust with Volkan urban type vehicle. Manoeuvres made with 6 tons vehicle showed the importance of moduler and elastic upper structure design of the vehicle.

On last day of the organization, guests were welcomed in the Volkan Factory, which is located on
135.000 m2 area in Torbalı.



Mustafa Toprak, Governor of İzmir: Life of İsa Tecim is a success story.

Mustafa Toprak, Governor of İzmir, Tehran Deputy Mayor, Dubai’s and Sudan’s Ministers of Civil Defense, Head of Romanian Municipalities Association and firefighters from 20 countries have attended the last day of Giraffe’s Run. Mustafa Toprak, Governor of İzmir said “Founder of Volkan İtfaiye İsa Tecim’s accomplishments are a success story. Success stories should increase in our country which has 2023 target, we are proud of these accomplishments”.



Volkan Torbalı Plant opened its doors for the Giraffe’s Run.

Volkan İtfaiye held an event on its 135.000 m² plant. Founder İsa Tecim quoted that they have become 3rd biggest fire extinguishing vehicle producer in the world in 42 years, exporting more than 40 countries and they will continue with their faith and passion just like the first day.

New generation extinguisher technologies draw big interest

Volkan’s new generation extinguisher components generated with %100 local technology and workforce, Airport vehicle Lion, highest reaching aerial vehicle in Turkey with 55m reach, rural -off-road and urban vehicles got full marks from the visitors.


Visitors had great interest to stands

Producers also supported Giraffe’s Run with their stands. Mercedes Benz Türk, Scania, MAN, Draeger, Kolagon, A-Yangın, Set Yangın, Rotfire, Armas Elektronik and Holmatro ‘s exhibitions draw great attention.

One of Turkey’s R&D Center: Volkan R&D Center

4th Private Sector R&D Center Summit, has held in Sheraton Hotel Ankara with the participation of Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık. As a part of the summit, companies who deserved being R&D Center has received their certficates. More than 30 engineers, with integrated workshops and innovative projects Volkan R&D Center is entitled as a R&D Center by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Chairman of Volkan Isa Tecim received the certificate from Minister Fikri Işık. Mr. Tecim says “ We will get various supports from the goverment by way of having this status. Besides, more importantly this certificate is a prove of our investment in technology. We are excited being one of the R&D Center in Turkey. Turkey will reach prosperity by producing high added value products. Our devoted efforts will continue with this awareness”

Most Innovative Product Award to 8x8 LION

8x8 LION has awarded as a most innovative composite product in automotive category by Turkish Composite Association.

Composite Summit held by Turkish Composite Association in Istanbul Gorrion Hotel on October 8-10, 2015. Attendees from Turkey and all around the world discussed about problems and future of the composite sector in the summit. Exhibitor partners attracted intensive attention from visitors in the exhibition hall. As part of the summit, most innovative composite products has awarded in several categories. 8x8 LION awarded as a most innovative product in automotive category. Corporate Communication Manager of Volkan, Duygu Tecim received the award in the ceremony.

56 vehicles to the Manisa Fire Department in a big ceremony.

As Volkan Family, we are so glad to deliver our 56 vehicles to the Manisa Fire Department in a big ceremony. You can watch the video from our delivery ceremony.

Volkan’s impression in Interschutz

Keeping Turkish Flag flying up in the sky, at 55 meters; and impressing the visitors with its products, Volkan once more proved that it is a global participator within the sector.

Volkan presented its products next to the giants of the world in Interschutz which is the most prestigious fair of fire safety and firefighting sector and which happens once every five years. Volkan, presenting M32K, M44A, M55A, 8x8 LION-S and its range of products  that are richly equipped with their components received noticeable attention during the whole six-day fair period. M55A which carried 1148 people in total to a height of 55 meters during the fair got the thumbs up of the visitors. M44A which is the first firefighting vehicle in Turkey that is mounted on top of Mercedes-Benz Econic chassis; and especially, the 32m jointed, light and fast-moving aerial ladder which has the capacity to operate in narrow spaces received great admiration. Another hero in Volkan’s booth was ARFF 8x8 LION-S. 8x8 LION-S which gained a perfect appearance with its renewed front console and rear engine cover outscored its opponents. Tutku Ağsakal, Volkan’s Foreign Marketing and Sales Director, who shared his evaluations at the end of the fair stated “Interschutz is the most significant event of our sector. Being a participant here and keeping Turkish Flag up in the sky at 55 meters is a matter of proud for our Company. We had significant purposes such as extending our range of trade with our customers in Asia, East Europe, Middle East and America  and improving the awareness of the brand name while we were getting prepared for the fair. I can easily say that we already achieved our purposes."

“Giraffe” this time ran with the “Lion”


“The Giraffe Run” which became a tradition of Volkan turned out to be international this year. Giraffe ran on an international platform with the “Lion”. And Volkan once more put forth its quality and difference.

“The Giraffe Run’13” happened between the dates of 25-26th May. 300 elite participants from 18 countries from all over the world and from Turkey were welcomed with a full-up schedule. The guests stayed at Sürmeli Efes Hotel. The Companies which did not leave Volkan alone this year during the event of “The Giraffe Run” were Draeger Türkiye, Türkar, Mengerler A.Ş., Kuleli Hortum, Rotfire, İşçi Sağlığı Teçhizatı, CSR Elektronik, Just, Titan and Kolagom.

The event which started with the presentations of guest Companies and Volkan itself, continued with the speakers from Canada and Namibia, specialists within their branches, sharing their experiences with the guests. On the second half of the first day, 20 8x8 Main Aircraft Firefighting Vehicles, “Lion”, which were signed with DHMI were presented. Product Launch that was applied in Selçuk-Efes Airports received thumbs up from the guests. Following the introduction within the airport, the schedule of the first day ended up with a joyful gala dinner.

“The Giraffe Run’13” took place within the plant of Volkan on the last day of the event. The guests were given the opportunity to examine the products of Sponsor Companies closely within the exhibition area as well as the demos and aerial vehicles’ introductions. After the lunch, a tour around the plant was provided for the guests. “The Giraffe Run”  which ended up with closing speeches, award ceremony for the participating Companies and representational vehicle delivery ceremonies shall take place in the following years too.

Interairport 2013


“8x8 LION” blew like the wind during Interairport which is one of the most prestigious fairs of the world concerning airport equipments.

Interairport which happened between the dates of 08-11th October 2013 and welcomed airport suppliers and airport authorities from all over the world took place in the city of Munich in Germany.

8x8 LION which met the guests with its new face received great attention during the fair. Visiting the fair, Mr Orhan Bidal, the General Manager of DHMI, also visited Volkan’s booth and examined the vehicle closely. 

Ankara Summit of Technology Centres


The future will belong to those who will produce the knowledge and turn it into a strategic advantage of competition. An institution, sector or country which focuses on constant and stable growth does not have the chance to survive without producing knowledge, without transforming knowledge into essential products and services for the society.

In order to be a society which produces technologies of high added value; it is becoming and inescapable factor to apply policies of industry, science and R-D which base on researches and developments. The chance of being strong and independent shall increase for the organisations as long as they have economies based on R-D and which produces its own technology.

As Volkan Family, we participated in the summit fair of R-D centre which was the third time it was performed. Within the meeting, during which the awards and the plaques were given in the leadership of the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Mr Fikri Işık; it was stated that R-D investments would have great contributions for national economy and would increase the exports.

We have presented our firefighting vehicle in the fair: Lion 8x8 Aircraft Firefighting Vehicle which is designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers on behalf of Volkan.

Students from Yaşar University visited Volkan.

Volkan, which is always open to knowledge and open to sharing the knowledge, welcomed the students of Industrial Design from Yaşar University.

Yaşar University which pays attention to co-usage of academic knowledge and the practice visited our Company with the students of Industrial Design. The students who had the opportunity to meet with the phases of Design, Project and Production had a brief conversation with our founder Isa Terim. We thank Yaşar University who stated that they have performed a visit which shall constitute a matter of inspiration for their students in the future for their visits; and we wish success for the students of that department during their educational and professional careers.

Volkan R-D Centre met academicians.

Being a leading Company within the sector, Volkan İtfaiye brought in something new and assembled the first of “Volkan Bilim Kurul Toplantısı (Volkan Science Board Meeting)” at İzmir Kaya Thermal Hotel in order to gain more strength.

Placing great importance on R-D studies, Volkan İtfaiye, right after its investment on “Volkan R-D Centre” which costed 300 thousand TRY, recently brought in a new breathe for R-D studies by assembling “Volkan Bilim Kurul Toplantısı”.The event which turned the collaboration of the university and the Industry into a dynamic one, gathered Volkan R-D Centre engineers and the academicians from leading engineering faculties of Turkey.

The meeting which started at İzmir Kaya Thermal Hotel on the date of 14th March 2015 with opening speeches continued with the presentations of the academicians. Right after the lunch, Volkan Production Plants and Volkan R-D Centre was visited. While sharing their innovative opinions about firefighting sector  and Volkan R-D Centre, academicians that are well-known within their branches from leading universities of Turkey such as Middle East technical university, Ege University, Izmir Yüksek Teknoloji University; they also provided resolutionary suggestions for the issues.

The closing speech of the meeting was performed by Yaşar Tecim, General Manager of Volkan İtfaiye. Referring to the significance of reaching true knowledge and the advantages of following the technology closely, Yaşar Tecim said: “Volkan is a global brand name within its field. This is proven not only with its production quality and market participation, also with its integrative and sharing spirit which is open for improvements. “Volkan Bilim Kurulu Toplantısı” shall be assembled regularly and sharing the knowledge will go on.”